What Makes Our Device Better

  • Tight opening Accuracy of +/- 5% of set point.
  • Very quick reset: Less than 30 seconds to reset the device.
  • Metal seal option provides minimal friction allowing lower set points to be achieved.

Why a Shear Pin

Shear pin devices offer many advantages over other types of devices.

  • Once the device is set in the factory, changing the pins in the field is very simple.
  • No nuts to adjust length of pin
  • No need to remove the device from the line.
Shearing is a very well understood method of failure, ensuring accurate opening pressures
  • Fatigue issues are solved by the use of an insulating pre-load protecting the pin from the cyclic pressures in the device

Patented Pre-load System

  • The pre-load ensures the pin and device seal are loaded even while the device is pressurized.
  • When the device pressure increases, this decreases the seal pressure without adding to the load on the pin.

Class VI Metal Seals

  • When closed our devices are made to meet ANSI/FCI70 Class VI shut off rates.
  • We ensure this through the use of industry standard laminated graphite and stainless steel seats in combination with our patented pre-load system to ensure adequate seal pressure is applied.

Quality Control & Testing

  • Every device delivered by Enviro Valve, undergoes 3 consecutive tests to show the device performs as specified
  • Reports of the test data are presented to the customer with delivery, along with MTRs for all components in the device.

ASME Certified

As of October 17th 2013 our Accushear Pin Device has attained ASME certification with the UD-1 Stamp!

Comparison Chart

Metal Seats Standard
High Temp. and Cryogenic Temps w/ Standard Design
Class VI Sealing when Closed Unpublished Unpublished
Straight Through Design
Large Diameter (8″ and up) Pilot operated for

larger sizes

Less than 1 minute of downtime needed to reset Unpublished Unpublished
All Stainless Steel Design Available
No debris sent down stream after opening
Minimal Pressure Loss
Cheap Replacement Pins/Disc Unpublished Unpublished

Part Numbers Etched on Replacement Pins/Discs

(no paper labels to get lost when in storage)

ASME Certification In Process
Needs no replacement Pins/Disc
Small diameter setable at Low Pressure
Cost $$ $ $$$ $$$

1 A trademark name of BS&B Safety Systems*
2 A Trademark name of Rupture Pin Technology*
3 A Trademark name of Envirovalve Inc.*

Sample Test Summary