Our innovative PRDs are installed in industrial plants around the world. Our unique and patented design offers many benefits to the process design engineers, operators and owners. Our PRDs can be made to meet a wide range of exacting operating requirements and are delivered on time and on budget.
All our PRDs are custom built to meet the specific needs of our customers. Having the ability to construct 8″ to 72″ devices with a variety of device and seal trims allows us to create devices that meet a wide range of operating requirements. Our unique PRD design translates into safer, more reliable and more accurate operations at a competitive price

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Butterfly Style Device

A butterfly style design creates faster pressure relief and more efficient use of pipe layout that might allow for reduced valve size and project cost.

Robust Design

Our ASME Certified Accu-Shear Device is made of high-quality materials and precision machined components.  It is simple and direct in its design with a minimum amount of parts, resulting in reliable operating performance.

ASME UD Stamped

Accu-Shear is ASME certified ensuring consistency of our manufacturing and testing processes. Each device is rigorously tested with three test reports supplied on each shipped device.

Preload Pin

A preloaded pin allows for operational pressure variances in the line, fluctuating over time, without the fatiguing of the pin and thus maintaining an accurate tight release.

Fast Reset Times

Accu-Shear resets manually in seconds with easily replaceable pins-Virtually NO DOWNTIME for the entire line and low labor cost to reset (requires one person and a crescent wrench).

Accurate Burst Pressure

Our pins are set to exacting standards and meet a wide range of process requirements. Between 15 PSI to 45 PSI.

Accurate Release:
+/- 5% – every time!

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ANSI/FCI Class V or Class VI “Bubble Tight” Seal

Accu-Shear uses a metal seal, that requires little to no seating torque and provides a seal with no leakage during operation.

Multiple Valve and Seal Trims

Accu-Shear devices are available in a variety of materials and seal trims to ensure compatibility with your process the device can handle wide temperature ranges, corrosive material, and other obstacles.

The industry proven seal design (based on metal seated triple offset butterfly valves) allows for metal, Teflon or other seal materials to be used interchangeably with no adverse effects on performance or design.

Custom Size Devices

Accu-Shear is customizable with the ability to construct 8″ to 72″ diameter devices with a variety of materials and seal trims, allowing us to create PRDs that meet a wide range of operating requirements.

Lower Cost

Accu-Shear is designed specifically for each order, meeting the exact needs of customers while delivering the project on budget.

We Reliably Deliver On Time

Our team is continuously focused on the needs of customer.   Project schedules and on-going updates insure we deliver the project on time when the customer needs it.

Customer Care Focus

Our manufacturing, Training, and Support ensures that your PRD is designed, manufactured, and delivered to a satisfied client.