Oil and Gas Industry

EnviroValve Inc. supplies pressure relief Devices that are designed to be accurate, repeatable, and durable enough to withstand a variety of conditions inherent to the oil and gas industry. Whatever the pressure relief scenario, EnviroValve Inc. can offer a solution with either our Accu-Shear or EnviroValve line of relief Devices. The Accu-shear Devices’ high temperature ability and large diameters make it ideal for flare applications and other ‘rough’ services. The metal seals allow for an extremely repeatable and robust Device that is unmatched in the industry. The EnviroValve is an ideal pressure relief valve where accuracy, maximum flow, and the option of automatic reset are paramount. These Devices/Valves are available in a variety of materials and a wide array of set pressures. Let one of our professional sales engineers review your application and find the best solution for your oil and gas pressure relief needs.

Chemical Industry

Let EnviroValve Inc. show you the advantages of our EnviroValve that out performs our competitors with maximum flow and the wide range of available sizes and materials. The EnviroValve can be adapted to work in a variety of conditions that traditional relief valves cannot. EnviroValve can offer a solution to virtually any pressure relief situation.

Petrochemical Industry

The petrochemical industry makes a significant impact on the global economy. Therefore, the personnel and equipment dedicated to producing these products should be well protected, that is why the EnviroValve is the best choice when it comes to pressure relief valves. The EnviroValve can be constructed from a variety of materials and can be designed to meet various process conditions. This unique design is capable of handling severe service conditions and yet is extremely easy to maintain. The EnviroValve is available in numerous configurations and is available in automatic reset, manual reset, and pilot operated designs.

Pipeline Industries

Pipelines deliver valuable resources that keep communities supplied with the energy vital to survival. It is imperative that these pipelines be protected. It is also the pipeline operator’s responsibility to protect the environment that encompasses these pipelines. The EnviroValve and Accu-Shear lines of relief Devices/Valves do precisely that, they protect the pipeline, the environment, and the valuable resources being transported via that pipeline. The EnviroValve and the Accu-Shear are available in a number of configurations, materials, and set pressures. EnviroValve can find a solution to your pipeline application.

Pulp and Paper Industries

The EnviroValve is an ideal pressure relief valve for the pulp and paper industry. Whether the pulping process is done mechanically or through a continuous heating process, EnviroValve can find the ideal pressure relief product. The EnviroValve is also the ideal choice for paper processing and developing such as the bleaching process. The EnviroValve is designed to be accurate, easy to maintain, and able to withstand severe service conditions.

Sanitary Industries

EnviroValve Inc. offers the EnviroValve for sanitary applications. The EnviroValve is constructed from 316L stainless steel and has standard connections. Alternative materials are available upon request. This full open design allows for maximum flow while minimizing dead space where bacteria can contaminate the process. The EnviroValve can be easily adapted to cover a wide range of sanitary applications, everything from pharmaceutical and biotech to food and beverage.