Accu-Shear PRD

In processes where high capacity and instantaneous flow are required, the ACCU-SHEAR PRD is the answer.


8″ – 24″


15 P.S.I – 45 P.S.I.

Accurate within ±5% of set pressure

Variety of body and seal trims

(Carbon, Stainless Steel, Teflon or other exotic high performance materials)

Inline butterfly style pressure relief device operated via a calibrated shear pin to be replaced after each use as an alternative to buckling pin devices and rupture disks.


The EnviroValve has a wide range of pressures from 1 psig to 4000 psig and is offered in a wide range of configurations.


1″ – 24″

Minimum Set Pressure

1 P.S.I.


±5% or ±10%


Available in ANSI/FCI Class V or ASME VI

Temp Range

-20F to 450F (Viton or Teflon Seals)

Available trim sets: stainless steel, carbon steel, low-temp carbon steel and specialty high-temp trim

Manufactured to meet a variety of industry adopted specifications.

A variety of sensors and switches can be mounted to the valve.

Right angle pressure relief valve.