Our innovative PRVs are installed and designed for industrial plants around the world of any industry. Our unique patented design offers many benefits to the process design engineers, operators and owners. Our PRVs are made to meet a wide range of operating requirements and are delivered on time and on budget.

All of our PRVs are built to meet the specific needs of our customers. Having the ability to construct 3/4″ to 8″ valves with a variety of trims allows us to create valves that meet a wide range of operating conditions. Our unique PRV design translates into safer, more reliable and more accurate operations at a competitive price.

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No Replacement Pin or Disk

 Enviro-Valve is an all in one solution, it requires no built-in secondary pilot device, or replaceable pin or disc to trigger opening. Which means less parts, less inspections, less replacements, less maintenance and less expense.


Enviro-Valve is auto-resetting, it requires no downtime because there are no buckled pins or ruptured discs to replace. No down time is time saved which is money saved.

Eliminates Emissions

 Our Multi-Patented design operates fully sealed at up to 95% of set pressure, saving the user money by eliminating emissions and waste. Less emissions means no fines, and money saved.

No Small Lines 

 With a robust and simple design there are no small lines to get clogged during operation, so it does not require any time-consuming inspections to ensure pilot lines are clear. Time saved=Money Saved!

Accurate Release:
+/- 5% – every time!

Higher Relieving Capacity 

Enviro-Valve has a higher relieving capacity for each inch of diameter of pipe size, which means less, or smaller devices needed. Less devices means less expense.